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Gai-Tronics 532 UL Class 1 Division 1 Telephone

GAI-Tronics 352, UL Class I Division 1 VoIP telephone, is also available in standard analog or SMART configurations. All models are UL approved to Class I Division 1 Groups B, C, & D, Class II Groups F & G and Class III , Type 4X, and ABS Type Approved.

VoIP option

A native VoIP telephone, the 352 VoIP models do not need an IP convertor but connect directly to a SIP based VoIP telephone system.
Configuration is via password protected intuitive web pages within the telephone. These embedded pages are accessed using a browser such as Internet Explorer to view, monitor and change settings without the need for proprietary software.
Power Over Ethernet (PoE) operation removes the need for external power supply connection. With only one voice and data infrastructure to install and maintain, VoIP telephony saves time and money.

SMART option
For users utilizing a conventional PABX technology, GAI-Tronics Self Monitoring and Reporting Technology (SMART) offers event and fault report- ing over a standard analog line.

Analog option
GAI-Tronics proven industrial telephone circuitry housed for use in Division 1 hazardous environ- ments.

- UL & cUL approved;
- Class I Division 1 Groups B, C, & D
- Class II Groups F & G
- Class III
- ABS Type Approval

: 28lbs (12.7kg)
: Type 4X T6 - Gas
: T4A - Dust
Operating Temperature Range
Analog: - 40°C (-40°F) to + 60°C (140°F)
SMART: - 20°C (-4°F) to + 60°C (140°F)
VoIP: - 20°C (-4°F) to + 60°C (140°F)
: Copper Free Cast Aluminum Handset
: Carbon loaded ABS body, 6’ PVC coiled cord

UL Class1 Division 1 TelephoneRing Relay Option
All variants of the VoIP telephone are complete with a configurable relay output. Analog variants are available with relay contact. Ring relay contacts are 5A, 250 V ac / 30 V dc rated.

Volume Control
All versions of the new Division 1 telephone have a four (4) step push button control volume control.

Model Numbers:
352-701 VoIP Handset

352-101 SMART Handset
352-102 SMART with ring relay

352-001 Analog Handset
352-002 Analog with ring relay